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    Ok my first big problem is that I have very important footage on a mini DV tape and want to back it up onto a second tape and am not sure how to go about it. I'm sure there must be a simple way but i don't know what it is. I have a firewire card in a PC with a nice big hard drive and Ulead Video Studio 5. So i guess i could use that but was hoping to find a way that would create a perfect bit for bit copy. Any ideas?

    The second problem is that i'm trying to do a batch capture with Ulead Video Studio and it won't recognise the timecodes. It enters them fine but when i push the button to start the batch capture it just fastforwards the tape to the end and then crashes. The tape i am trying to batch capture from was filmed on a different camera than the one i am trying to capture from (it was filmed on a hired camera so i don't have access to that camera anymore) and all footage recorded on my camera batch captures off my camera properly. So i'm thinking it could be an issue of changing cameras...

    Has anyone else had this problem with Ulead Video Studio?

    Cheers for any help anyone can give me.


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    On problem 1 there is a couple of ways to duplicate the tape.

    1. If you have the luxury of 2 Mini DV cameras, of which at least one has AV and DV in facility, then you can hook up both DV cameras using firewire or AV and copy that way.

    2. Capture the entire tape to your PC, , use your Ulead package to create an MSDV recording and thereby put it back to another tape in your MIniDV camera.

    On problem 2, the only time I have ever had problems with ULead fast forwarding to the end of a tape (or rewinding to the beginning) is when there are breaks in the time code. The work round is to capture manually.

    Good luck

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