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Thread: Locking stills on Video 1 and 2

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    Default Locking stills on Video 1 and 2

    I have placed a number of stills on the timeline on Video 1. Above some of these stills I have placed other stills on Video 2 which use alpha channel to become transparent and therefore see part of the still below. If I try to add a still halfway through the timeline it moves all the remaining stills that relate to each other on video 1 and 2 out of synch.

    Is there a way to lock stills that relate to each other on video 1 and 2 so I can add further single stills to video 1?
    Thanks - Julie

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    I assume you're still using Premiere 6.5. You can lock a clip on the timeline by right clicking on the clip and selectin "lock clip on timeline".
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