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Thread: VHS video enhancement products?

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    Default VHS video enhancement products?


    new to this site and would like to pose a question out there -

    does anyone know how to enhance the quality of VHS recording? more specific - the quality of the vhs tape causes poor quality viewing ie. crackling screen, less detail than normal tv let alone digital capture.

    perhaps someone can tell me what software i could use to tidy it up as i could get the footage onto my pc. are there any other ways?



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    All you need is Virtualdub (opensource software; and a couple of filters. But don't expect miracles.

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    And welcome to the forum. I'm afraid your stuck with poor image quality in terms of VHS. You can try and apply sharpen filters to give you more detail but it can make the image look worse most of the time. VHS by its nature has a very low resolution (primarily intended for taping programmes off the tv and watching them back). How old are the tapes you have and what shape are they in? Is there picture break up with white lines going across the screen?

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