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    I'm about to start upgrading my computer. Got a camcorder for Christmas and want something able to cope with a lot of the video editing software out there.

    I was having a brief chat with an old mate on this topic last night as I'm after some advice about what proceeor to go for. Now the one thing I can't understand is this - Out of the two processors below everyone tells me that the 2nd is definately the better of the two. What I can't get my head round is that every site I look at puts these up at the same price as each other. If chip 2 is so superior to chip 1, why on earth are they the same price.

    1. Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz (Prescott) Socket 478 800FSB 1MB Cache
    2. Intel Pentium 630 3.0Ghz Skt775 BTX Fsb800 2Mb Cache

    A few people have also suggested that I'd be better off with AMD, but forget that for the time being.

    Why are these chips the same price; and
    Why is chip 2 better?

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    I believe the 630 is a dual core processor. Video encoding would be comparable until you started using software that took advantage of mutlicore processors.

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    Fantastic ... cheers for that.

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    Go with the Socket 775 version. It's the newer technology. As for why they're the same price, I have absolutely no idea.


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