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Thread: Perfect audio/video now want to output to VCR,but HOW ?

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    Default Perfect audio/video now want to output to VCR,but HOW ?

    I have perfect audio out put to my TV (using a red and white audio splitter plugged into the 3.5mm jack on my Audigy 2 to an scart audio.svideo / analogue onput outout converter plugged into the back of my TV.)

    I also have perfect video - a direct s-video connection from my graphics card straight into the S-video input of my TV.

    All I want to do now is output the audio and video direct to my VCR or my soon-to-be-bought standalone.DVD Burner. How do i do this ?

    Here are my PC specs:

    Creative Geforce 4600Ti with s-video out.
    Creative Audigy 2 (5.1) I use a Y 3.5mm jack to Red / White audio out lead.
    A scart adapter that has Svideo, Analogue (yellow) video, red and white audio. This has a switch that moves all of these to input or output.

    The TV is an old Sony Triniton model KV-M2140U. It has one scart lead, one Svideo input, Yellow and black video inputs.

    The VCR is a joke. It is a Bush model VCR807 0VD-6/B. Cheap but does the job.
    This thing has one scart marked as 'TV' and 2 RF sockets marked 'in' and 'out'.

    Do I havr to tune my S-video to an TV channel ?

    I have a direct connection between my graphics card and TV via a S-video out, So how do I get the image and sound out of my TV to my VCR without losing quality. ?

    Current system configuration:
    Windows XP Pro service pack 1
    P4 2.0A
    Abit BD7-II Mobo (CQ Bios rev)
    1024Mb Corsair XMS Pro 3200LL DDR Ram
    160Gb IBM Deskstar HDD @7200RPM + 8Mb cache
    Creative GForce 4600Ti (Forceware rev 53.03)
    Creative Audigy 2
    Firewire x2
    USB 2.0 X4
    LG 404B DVD /RAM / -R +R /-RW +RW Recorder Bios rev (latest firmware in installed)
    Asus 5224A CDRW (latest firware is installed) :cry:

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    Take a look at this guide as a start:
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