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Thread: Titles in output are bad

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    Default Titles in output are bad

    I'm working on a little video intro for the Danish national championship video, for when its released to the web, but I have some trouble with the titles when I have exported the clip [click to see picture]

    on the right you can see I have aligned the text almost as I want it, and on the left you can see what the same text looks like when its been exported. The 2 titles that are the trouble is "Movie by" & "Gert Nielsen", the first is a little to the left and the later is a little to the right, the "A" is aligned to the vertical center line.
    I just cant figure out why it does that.

    heres a little info, it might help or it might just confuse you more

    export info:
    Video and audio
    Entire Sequence

    Microsoft AVI

    Video Settings
    Compressor: None
    Frame size: 800h 600v (1.000)
    Frame rate: 30,00 frames/second
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)
    Color depth: Millions of colors
    Quality: 100 (out of 100)
    Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)

    Audio Settings
    Compressor: Uncompressed
    Sample rate: 44100 samples/second
    Channels: Stereo
    Sample type: 16-bit

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    Okey found my problem, and corrected it.

    Tip to all, and not to self.

    When working with clips/titles and what ever in PPro, you got to keep track of what you are doing.

    In this case my problem was that my video files aspect ratio was 1.0 and my titles and sequences was in aspect ratio 1.1 (don't know why, can't remember I chose that), and when I export the move I exported it in an aspect ratio 1.0, that was enough to displace some of the titles.

    The solution to this was to create a new project in the correct aspect ratio of 1.0 and then I imported the old project and the I could convert the titles to the correct aspect ratio on opening them.

    Too summen it up: keep those aspect ratios in a tight leash

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