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Thread: Pros and Cons of top end software

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    Default Pros and Cons of top end software

    Can someone please enlighten me as to the difference between the following :

    Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro 5.5
    Premiere Pro
    Premiere 6.5

    Are they all the same sort of product ?
    and if so
    which one is best ?

    Sorry if this subject has been covered before !
    Thanks for helping

    Pentium 4, 2 x 3.2 Xeons, 2 gb ECC registered, 1 scsi 36 GB, 2 x 250 Gb IDE, Matrox RT X100 xtreme pro, win xp pro. (Poweroid 9220) Canon XM2 Mini DV Camcorder

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    Which one is best depends on the system you have and the capture card you use. Premiere 6.0/6.5 (not much difference) will work best on slower computers and is best with 256 MB of memory. If you use a pinnacle capture card (as I do) I think somewhere along the way, pinnacle and adobe fell out. Premiere pro does not therefore support pinnacle capture cards and pinnacle have produced their own high end editing software. Both Premiere pro and Liquid edition need faster processors ans around 1 gig of memory. Confused you will be!

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