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Thread: Problem with transion (movie pause, miss background sound)

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    Default Problem with transion (movie pause, miss background sound)

    Hi All,
    I had bought Pinnacle 7 b4 a year, never used it. Suddenly I got intrested in using it.

    I tried to make couple of movies for my trips in US. Facing some picular problem. I follow all the steps like, taking clips on timeline, adding transitions and sound (some editing on sound). In between I test after each step it works fine. but somehow finally it gives me problem at some stage (normaly after adding sound and editing it).
    1. Playback video pauses for less than second during transistion and that stops me from making movie. (If I take out transistions movie comes out great)
    2. Sometimes I loose sound in between the transistions.

    Can someone help me in understanding this problem, thanks in advance.

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    Did you buy Studio 7 a year ago? By that time, version 9 was already available. Which version of Studio 7 are you using? The latest patch may be downloaded HERE .
    Do you have the missing music only during editing? Or also after rendering?

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