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    Hello, first post!

    I've just started playing around with my new Sony HandyCam. It has this USB PC videostreaming option that works great. But it doesn't record the sound - this is because my notebook doesn't have the slots needed for the red and white audio cable, only the yellow (video) cable.

    If you understand what I'm saying so far, do you know of a converter or other type of cable I can get hold that will solve this problem?

    My notebook's slots include a IEEE 1394 firewire, 3 USB ports, the yellow slot (TV/video out), a serial port and parallel port.

    Help much appreciated!

    ~Vox. Because blogging is like taking a photograph!

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    DV camcorders are designed to transfer video via Firewire.

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    Firewire is the only way to capture both video and audio and maintain a high level of both sound an image. It will either be a four pin to four pin or four pin to six pin. The camera being one of those four pins so check your laptop to see if it has the same size connector as the camera or a longer flatter connector with a rounded edge (that's a six pin).

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    hello again,

    Okay, not sure if my miniDV cam has a fire wire output, but I'll look into that. I asked on another forum, and they said I should use my laptop's microphone/line in jack for the red/white audio cables - but since there's two of those and only one jack, not sure how it's going to end up.

    Thank you anyway fellas, I'll let you know if any success Because blogging is like taking a photograph!

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    Quote Originally Posted by voxie
    ... my miniDV cam...
    If it's a mini DV cam, it will have. If it's a Sony, you may find it's marked "i-link".

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