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    Using windows xp I am unable to download video clips via USB. No programs seem to recognise the camcorder, eg pinnacle studio 9. The camera is a JVC GZ-MG70.

    The supplied software Powerproducer doesn't work either.

    Can anyone help.

    Thank you

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    Editing the GZ-MG70ís footage can be a bit of a process, even with their software bundle, which includes PowerDVD 5 NE, PowerDirector Express NE, and PowerProducer 2 Gold NE. Video files are classified with the .MOD file extension. In order to import them into most editing programs, or even play them in Real Player or Windows Media Player, you need to manually change the file extension to .MPG. Can you imagine not knowing this until youíve already recorded 7 hours worth of clips?

    The software bundle allows you to skip this step, but that benefit hardly outweighs the wealth of options that a true editing program could give you. The Power suite is rudimentary, and its main function is to get your footage to DVD. It offers you some flexibility in changing clip order and basic fade in / fade out, but the clutter of cheesy effects like text fly-ins will strike even beginners as undesirable. While it's not horribly difficult, if you want the ease of use of DVD playback you're probably smarter to go with a DVD camcorder.

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