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    Default good editing software

    hey new to this, and im actually in the process of making a really cool video of my brothers car with ArcSoft Showbiz. The thing is...that application will not let you edit the mpeg by cutting off bits at the end. i need something that will allow me to clip off the last half a second or so...and im wondering what/if anything will do that. also...i have little to no money and im hoping you guys have a freeware/shareware suggestion. even if not...tell me anything you can.

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    the tmpgenc trial version will let you do that.

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    For a guide on how to edit MPEG files in TMPGenc, follow the following link:

    this is actually quite a useful tool for playing around with MPEG files. Although you don't actually "see" the video, you can edit MPEG files with ease - simply add a series of in and out points or complete MPEG files to build up a new MPEG file.

    And it's FREE!
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    Default Are you still there, Intergrex130?

    It's probably a little too late to be replying now, but just in case let me tell you my experience with ArcSoft Showbiz. I have edited DV and Quicktime. When I chop off the end of any footage, the software seems to add 0.8 seconds of it back. When I play it back on the editing screen it is frustrating to see that it did not chop off where I wanted it. BUT, when I click "make movie"--and then view the movie-- the end comes exactly where I chopped it off. I'm not sure if you went this far yet.

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