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Thread: Damaged Video

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    Default Damaged Video

    Hi all,

    I have a DV tape that got a bit damaged and when i sent it on my comutuer in AVI, I get some part of the films sometimes a bit damaged.

    Does anyone know of a good program to correct this or maybe a plugin?

    Thank you for the help,


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    Do you mean there was physical damage to the tape, or that the AVI is corrupt?

    Can you describe what you mean by "damaged"?

    1) Are there lines accross the screen?
    2) Does the video appear "jumpy"?
    3) Are the artifcats on screen, e.g pixels the wrong colour or distorted

    Can you descrbe how you captured?

    1) What software did you use?
    2) Did you use firewire to transfer?
    3) Did you use the same camera to capture as to film?

    Can you give us more details on your specs?

    1) Make and model of camera
    2) Specifications of you PC


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    Default More info about the damaged films

    Thank you for your fast reply,

    here are some more infos about the damaged film.

    The tape is dvc pro but maybe some water went into it. After capturing the film into premiere with the same camera I filmed, I got sometimes flickering images and sometimes black frames. This is not the worst because I can just cut those parts. But the worst is that while playing the avi into premiere, i got often some part of the picture with bad pixels (like a small square with just one colour) then 2 seconds later it is on another place of the image. Also, when I play the avi in premiere, the film sometimes block and then continues.

    This is the film of a mariage so I really need to have it back. I just wonder if there is a plugin that I can buy to correct those and have the film the less damaged as possible.

    Again, many thanks for your answer.


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    If the tape is damaged, I don't think fixing this will be possible as the data has become corrupt.

    It *might* be worth running a head cleaner once on your camera. It's also worth trying to capture the footage again. How does it look on your viewfinder?

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    yeah what he said 3D Animated Menu\'s Transitions, Backgrounds or just about anything 3d all Animated.

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    Default Thank you

    I think it is lost then.


    thanks for your reply.

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