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Thread: Chroma Key Screens (green)

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    Default Chroma Key Screens (green)

    Hey guys.. I need to purchase a green screen backdrop for shooting single person scenes. I wanted to write and ask you guys if you know of any online retailers that have good products/pricing for green screens. I have seen many different types of screens, but am a little confused as to which one will work best for me. Any advice on suggested screens and/or good retailers to buy from would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and take care.

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    Before you go ahead and buy something, it's worth considering the cheap options - either painting a wall (only good if you plan to always film in the same place - but hey, that's the beauty of green screening!), or if you don't have a spare wall to paint, buying some fabric. Many users have commented that they achieve better results with homemade green screens that they do the commercial (and a lot more expensive!) ones.

    My suggestion is to go down to your local fabric store and pick out a nice green. Then make sure your fabric is tight and well lit and you're halfway there to making the matrix.

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    I agree. You should have no problems finding fabric. A king size bedsheet in an appropriate colour would be the best choice, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Forrester
    I agree. You should have no problems finding fabric. A king size bedsheet in an appropriate colour would be the best choice, in my opinion.
    And a lot cheaper too! Get two for a bigger stage.

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    Also get as many creases out of it before you use it and beg, borrow or (ahem, borrow indefinitely - I had to say that just in case there are any legal eagles present). Also get a good light meter to check the lighting is consistent over the greenscreen. You don't want dark spots or highlights, you want an even lighting from top to bottom and from left to right. How are you thinking about lighting it? I would use a keylight, filler and backlight.

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    Good advice guys! As far as lighting, I would love to hear your recommendations as to which kind of lights and how many. I would love to get some kind of lighting kit... since I don't have any lights whatsoever as of right now except for an old stand light. Problem is, right now I could probably only afford to pay around $250 max for lights. Would love to hear any advice or recommendations you may have. I look forward to getting started with my green screen videoing soon! Thanks for all the tips!

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    I use green material from Walmart and I bought worklights on tripod from Sears. They are 3 power settings.
    Then I diffused it with photo material to diffuse it. It works great. If ou want to see a sample go to the users videos section and look t the manger scene posting.

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    Thats a good idea with the worklights and tripods. I think I could make that fit my budget. May I ask what photo material is and what exactly does diffusing the light mean? Thanks for the info and I'll check out the manger video!

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    Diffusing means to spread the light out and not use direct light on the subject. The photo material maybe expensive, if you shine the lights into bubble wrap, yes the shipping stuff, (don't put it too close the the light)
    the bubble will spread the light out and give you a warm even light. it's kinda like a photogrpaher using a bounce umbrella, the light bounces into the umbrella and spreads the ligh out evenly.

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    I always think it's raining when i see a phtographer....

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