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Thread: zoom visual effects keyhole shot help? please

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    Default zoom visual effects keyhole shot help? please

    so im filming a movie, (arent we all) and my screenwriter wants me to do an effects shot going through a basic keyhole of a door into an office building, so outside the door - through the door- and inside the office. any ideas on the easiest way to go about this task, im an amatuer, 17 years old. any help is greatly appreciated.

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    You will have to have software that supports multiple video layers (eg Premiere, MediaStudio Pro etc).

    Step 1
    Film your office footage (no doors etc) as appropriate

    Step 2
    Film, or use a still image, the keyhole. It is extremely important that the keyhole is a solid colour (Black would probably do). For the effect to work smoothly the Keyhole itself should be in the center of the shot.

    Step 3
    Place your office footage on Video track 1

    Step 4
    Place your keyhole film, or still image, on the Video Overlay (V1) Track, adjusting the length of the shot to your requirements.

    Step 5
    Apply a moving path to the video, or still, on the video overlay track, that effectively enlarges the shot, so that the shot is eventually all solid colour.
    Typically this is achieved by making the size of the shot in the end key frame about 3 times the size of the original (although you may have to play about with the size a bit).

    Step 6
    Render your movie and enjoy

    The screenshots below (from MediaStudioPro) give a better idea of what is happening (Please do excuse the quality of the hand drawn keyhole, but any port in a storm etc)


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    you are too awesome, i cant thank you enough. i understand it absolutely, you are a true blessing, thank you so much

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