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Thread: 6.0 or 7.0?

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    I知 just starting out and have been using Windows Movie Maker 2.0. I would like to upgrade to a better program. I like the looks of Premier and have a question about the version number. It looks like I can order a new copy of version 6.0 for around a 150.00 on ebay. Version 7.0 costs a bit more. Is the higher price for version 7.0 worth it considering I知 so new? Would 6.0 work for a year while I learn the program? Any thoughts?


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    7 is definately the way to go - if only for the real time editing facility (transitions etc don't have to be rendered before preview).
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    Thanks Marc!


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    OK, I致e been playing with the demo version of Pro and I知 running into a snag. When I import an AVI file it will play for a few seconds and then get stuck. Along with getting stuck it makes a horrible noise (kind of like a grinding noise). I tried two different clips with the same results. I then opened the same clips in Movie Maker and they play just fine. Is this because it痴 the demo version and only lets me use a few seconds of a clip, or is something else going on here? I would like to get this sorted out before I purchase the program.

    Any suggestions?



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