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    Default Advice on file format needed

    Hi all

    I'm new to video editing and sorry for asking these very basic questions but I have to start somewhere, I guess.

    I have about 20 VHS tapes that I need to convert to DVDs. This is how I planned to do it.

    On my PC, I have WinFast TV2000xp video capture card. Plugged in VCR and capturing nicely on it. I cut the file sizes in 200 MB and then transfer them to mu G5 iMac. In there I convert them into DV where the 200 MB MPEG2 file becomes some 900 MB of DV. Then I import it into iMovie, do some editing there and export to iDVD.

    But for some reason I think I'm doing something wrong. Firstly, when I export from iMovie to iDVD it took me good 20 minutes to process and then burn 3 minutes movie ! I just looked up on the DVD the one VOB file for 3 minutes of video is 270 MB, which would make an hour movie well over 5 GB. I guess it's just way too much.

    Back to capturing, it's MPEG2 6000kbps, I thought of going with MPEG1 but would the video quality bu far worse in this case ?

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    There seems to me to be a lot of unnecessary encoding going on there. Each encode loses quality and obviously takes time to render.

    I would suggest you reassess your work flow, as it sounds like a lot of work! Essentiallt you are capturing to MPEG, encoding to DV, then encoding back to MPEG (DVD). How much editing are you doing? The final encode would be a lot quicker if you edited in MPEG (although I couldn't suggest any MPEG editors or plugins for the Mac).

    I would suggest you look into a way of capturing direct to DV on your Mac (e.g by buying a firewire device such as a Canopus ADVC110), or on the PC (you may be able to do this using your setup, but the AVI wpon't be playable on the Mac), or as I suggest, look into a way of editing MPEG on your Mac.

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    If you want to convert your VHSs to DVD then why are you not capturing them directly to MPEG2? This will negate those unnecessary encodings as Marc stated.

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    dunno if this will help but my friend just hired a dvd recorder for a week and burnt the dvds straight from that, like you play your vhs tape...wired upto the dvd player then u just click record on the dvd recorder. there pretty cheap to hire too but it means you cant change the tv channel until its finished lol

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    Default Advice on file format

    Forget going the PC route. I tried it 3months ago Too much hassle. That was after spending a good few quid on a box and various cables that would convert Analog to digital. I got hold of a cheap DVD recorder ( albeit +r +rw format ) I connected the out put scart on the VCR with a scart adaptor to convert it to Video Audio jack plugs -- connected this to the input sockets on DVD rec. ( the one you would plug your DVC camcorder to )--
    Connected a scart lead from output on DVD rec. to input on portable T/V -- Stuck a VHS tape in VCR -- Blank DVd in DVD rec. -- Switched every thing on -- Watched video playing on T/V -- pressed record button on DVD rec. -- Recorded 10 mins. -- Stopped every thing -- finalised disc -- put it in my standalone DVD player and YES!! it works a treat.. I can now sit with 2 remotes starting and stopping recording, if I want to edit out any part of the video I change the format to -r using DVD decrypter so that I can be sure it will play on other DVD players. As i'm typing this i'm transferring The Quite Man video to DVD in the other room -- 15mins to go then another VHS bites the dust. Dont ask me how it works but it does for me ..So I aint gonna fix it
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