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Thread: What software is best for my project

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    Default What software is best for my project

    Hi guys,

    I'm not exactly new to editing, I used Premiere for high school video projects so I'm decently familiar with how to use it. However, I'm looking to compile a "memories" project for my residence floor (I'm a first year uni student) and I don't know what the latest software is.

    Basically my idea is to use music tracks to set the tone/mood, then fade in and out photos. Also import in a video clip to play while the music is going, so audio track layers would be needed.

    Not very complex, but something better than windows movie maker is needed. What do you guys suggest to use? I've got time to learn and a basic foundation, so let me know whats good. Thanks

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    If you are aquainted with Premiere, the I suggest Premiere Elements.

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