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    Hey guys,

    Here is a frame from a low end digital camera. It had a flash, and the shot was taken on a cloudy day. What i tried to do is replicate a moive-like feel to the frame so that i could apply these same image adjustments to a movie. Keep in mind there is no lighting like there would be in the films i'll be making later on. Tell me what you think =)

    I know a lot of the image adjustments have to do with what you want your film to convey, so lets say i was trying to make a myterious movie - just for argument sake. (something like minority report) a dreamy world.
    - maTT

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    I'm assuming the "after" image in on the right? Looks fine to me.

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    Looks like you've upped the contrast a bit here. It certainly works well in the still image you've worked on. The trouble is though, that you may have scenes in your movie that it just looks 'wrong' on.

    The trick with these 'movie effects' is to make them subtle.

    What you've done does look good. All I mean to say is that the proof of the pudding....

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    Hmm yeah it might be a more tricky with moving video. Well, ill give it a shot. Thanks guys =)
    - maTT

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