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    I have a PD-150 for sale. I am looking for offers around 1500... but I would consider part-exchange for a Sony HD FX1e or Z1.

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    This model is certainly getting on a bit now. Can't really see how a price tag of 1,500 would be justified to be honest.

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    3 on eBay at the moment. No bids, super high starts of around 1400.

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    Yep, it's a buyers market with everyone going ape (prematurley?) for hi def and dumping thier (now rubbish apparently) SD cameras.

    I just got a very nice vx9000e off ebay for 500 quid cos it never made it's reserve, I contacted the bloke and offered him 500 and he accepted without a flinch.

    There is also the 'PD' effect, much like the 'MAC' effect.... Y' know, the things people say... 'oh you know the bbc use em, and star wars was shot on one, and god uses a PD and I got one and my warts fell off...'

    If it had some cool extras, maybe 1400, like a tripod, anamorphic lens, 38 batteries, a hard case, WA adaptor, fisheye, a naked girl.

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