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Thread: N00b question on text effects in Vegas...

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    [align=justify:d18de869e9]Hi there,

    I used to use Windows Movie Maker, and it has this really cool (but subtle) title effect, which is called "Fades, zooms in slowly". Basically, whatever you've written in the title box fades in, drifting slowly towards us, and fades out whilst still drifting.

    Is there any way to get this same effect in Vegas? If so, how? Because I'm stumped.

    Most appreciated!


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    OK, scratch that. After a further fiddle, I found the answer...

    If anyone else is interested, you must adjust the "Transition Progress" by right-clicking the event you want to edit, and selecting "Insert/Remove Envelope".


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    Nice one MS, Not many people come back and explain how they got it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JT
    Nice one MS, Not many people come back and explain how they got it right.
    Any time.

    But I've just remembered that that's only HALF of the effect!

    I'm still trying to figure out how you fade in or out an event that has a transition attached to it without having the transition stopping or removing itself completely before you start the fade.


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    The way I do that is to use Track Motion for the movement and just apply a normal fade.

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