Hi, Im having a problem using Windows movie player been searching all over the web and came across your web page which is excellent.

I imported video clips to the clipboard, they were mpg files from DV CApture, they appear upside down on the clipboard but when i preview clips they are normal,BUT when I drag them to the video storyline they play in the preview screen upside down, sometimes just sound and no picture.I created a slideshow of jpegs with music background mixed with video.Most of the time when i preview the storyboard I cannot see the video picture part just the audio and the jpegs,Is this because i dont have enough memory? or is it because my hard disk is not defraged?(burned project to cd-r even though could not see video on preview, but showed up good except for being upside down)Is it because somehow I enabled A transition effect on the imported video such as 180 degree or mirror image? Tried rotating but no luck, Dont know if Im doing it right Though?How can I fix this? Please Help
I have 512mb,160 gig,9200 radeon 128mb,Sony Vaio RS530G.