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Thread: POwerbook g4 question???? please help

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    Default POwerbook g4 question???? please help

    i recently purchased a powerbook g4, i realized that it has only 800mhz processor speed, will this be to slow for editing, please post any suggestions as they will be greatly appreciated.

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    i also plan on running final cut pro. also is there anything i can do to speed it up?
    thanks for your time

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    You won't be able to increase the CPU speed, so you'll have to do it by other methods, such as increasing the RAM or installing a 7200RPM notebook hard drive. How much RAM is in the system? You could do with 1GB really.

    Have a nosey Here and buy some RAM from there (or the version from another country)

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    Im also hoping to buy a g4 powerbook, but the 1.7 ghz model, will this be ok for video editing?

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    I recently got a 17 inch powerbook and its working out great for me. Just make sure you have at least 1 Gig of Ram, otherwise you wont see the real performance of the laptop.
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