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Thread: Ulead: Mixing MPEG-2 with Pure AVI - Rogue Frames

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    Default Ulead: Mixing MPEG-2 with Pure AVI - Rogue Frames

    I have got an edit timeline containing a mixture of:

    1. MPEG-2 (encoded by Ulead from PURE DV AVI)
    2. Some new PURE DV AVI footage

    I have enabled the 'perform smartrender' feature so as not to lose the quality on the previously encoded footage. However the final video has glitches, these appear whenever the source footage changes from MPEG to AVI. Sometimes it is a little jitter, sometimes it throws up a single rogue frame from (5 secs) earlier in the video file.

    I get this problem regardless of whether or not I use smartrender.

    ULEAD 7 SP2 (SP3 doesn't solve anything)

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    First off, I would suggest you perform some housekeeping tasks on your hard drives (defragment, delete unwanted large files etc).

    Then I would suggest you convert all your MPEG files to DV and replace on the timeline.

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    Default ..

    I assume you mean convert DV to MPEG. When I say MPEG I am referring to the output of the DVD 16:19 template... ready for transcoding/ready to burn.

    Will have a little tidy up and see what happens.

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