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Thread: Skipping Audio MSP7.1

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    Default Skipping Audio MSP7.1

    Using MSP 7.01, AMD 2.2G, 512MB RAM.
    When rendering my final product to mpg file
    to create a DVD, the audio is skipping at transitions from Va to Vb and vis-versa. It is one continuous song located on A1, Aa &Ab are turned off. I am thinking deleting the track and re-inserting. Both the DVD-R disc and MPG CD (running realplayer or quicktime) skips. Has anyone seen this before? This is my first video. It does not skip during instant play.

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    I too use MSP 7.01. I must say I haven't experienced this problem. I will do a bit of digging and post back later. Meantime it is worth checking,

    1. Check all drives are defragmented. (Could be a glitch at the video creation stage due ot poor fragmentation)

    2. You could try splitting the video on Va and Vb and then deleting the associated audio on Aa and Ab, rather than just switching the track off.

    3. Check your Audio Settings in project file and Video creation settings. For DVD creation I use these settings
    Audio data rate: 224 kbps
    MPEG audio layer 2, 48 KHz, Stereo

    For VCD creation I use these audio settings
    Audio data rate: 224 kbps

    4. Does the problem persist if you play the DVD (or VCD) in a stand alone DVD player?

    As I say I'll do a bit of digging and post back.

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