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    What are the best settings for rendering a video that will later be played on a dvd player? I was thinking i could use the Xvid codec. Also, does Xvid mean MPEG-4?

    Also, I know the more bitrates a video has, the better it is, but what is the max one should use? i dont want to loose quality, but I dont want a oversized file either.

    Thanks a lot guys - I must sound really dumb =\
    - maTT

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    Xvid/MPEG-4 for DVD-Video?
    Whatever happenned to MPEG-2???

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    Yes i know its MPEG-2 but for my computer to read it I have to use XVID. I havnt been able to read an MPEG-2 file along with its sound file.

    I think its XVID that gets the best quality fro what I have tried.
    - maTT

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    The DVD Standard uses MPEG2 encoding. If you use an MPEG-4 codec such as Xvid, your video will not be DVD compliant and therefore unplayable in most DVD players (infact all DVD players that don't explicitly state their support of MPEG-4).

    To make a DVD compliant, you need to use DVD authoring software or the DVD export option in your editing software. This will create the necessary file structure for DVD playback.

    Perhaps you can't play the MPEG2 file back with sound as your have exproted the audio and video seperately. You should have two files: one video and one audio, both with the same name. What is the extension label of your video?

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    lol I know all this =P sorry I must not be explaining myself properly...

    I just want to know what settings I can use to render a video to play on the computer. I havnt found a way to render as MPEG-2 yet, maybe someone could help me with that? I usualy import the video into Encore and it encodes it as a dvd for me. I thought that was the only way to make it into a dvd. I mean, I've tried burning a "dvd files" like VOB's and such, but it didnt work. - sorry, Im not used to dvd authoring yet...

    Thanks again guys,
    - maTT

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