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    Hey there,

    When I slow down video (Premiere Elements) - eg. 50%, I notice it becomes 'jerky'. I notice this doesn't happen in the movies - it all stays nice and smooth and 'clean'. Why so? Is it because they have better/more fps film?


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    Assuming P Elements has the same 'time altering' engione as Premiere Pro then this is because when you slow the thing down to 50% the render engine simply plays each frame twice. This will cause the thing to look jerky.

    You may find there is a frame blend mode if you are lucky. This will blend one frame into the next over the designated interval. Better than simply playing each frame multiple times but nowhere near good enough for what we all really want. The blend mode works better when speeding clips up than slowing them down.

    What you need is a plug-in like Twixtor to do 'real' slo-mo. Have a play. I think you'll be impressed.

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    Thanks so much - that's really helpful. I'll have a play over xmas break.


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    might be an idea when you do your next upgrade to buy a camera capable of 60p thats 60 pergresive frames per second. U dont nec have to get the top High def model
    but think about it, save up and get something good come next christmas for your self. lol

    the cheapest hd camera available that i know of is like 1300 capable of 720p and 1280i 3D Animated Menu\'s Transitions, Backgrounds or just about anything 3d all Animated.

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