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    I really need to do an effect similar to this:

    [video width=320 height=260:e436781175][/video:e436781175]

    Where some graphics appear progressively over the video making the effect that some paint has been done over the video.
    I am really new to AE but I think I can do an effect of this type using photoshop+AE.
    I've tried to use macromedia flash mx the animations end up really cool but the need of use keying to remove background ruined the aspect of the graphics

    Thank's in advance to everyone

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    again, you're trying too hard on this one. Always take these things back to first principals and start with what you know.

    Do this the easy way as follows....

    create a graphic that contains your 'paint spill' and has an alpha channel.
    Place you background footage on video layer 1.
    Place you 'paint spill' graphic on layer 2
    Drag and drop the 'organic wipe' effect/transition onto the paint spill.

    Play with the organic wipe until you're happy. A very useful tool this one. If you know Photohsop you should find it no propblem to create some convincing gradients to achieve whatever 'organic wipe' you want.

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