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Thread: how should i set up options

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    Default how should i set up options

    i cant find any definitive advice on how to set up my adobe project settings.

    i realise that the equipment i have and the nature of my project determines the settings, but i'd appreciate any insights at all.

    i am working with premiere 6. i have 1.5 processing speed, 40GB master drive with premier, 120GB slave drive, terratec cameo 600 dv firewire card. i'm capturing with a panasonic ag-ez30 camcorder.

    i have a fairly large project to do. essentially i want to capture a few hours footage and then assemble them into a rough edit.

    i'd like the images to be good quality while i work on them but it's not essential. i only need to output an EDL which i'll bring to a pro editing suite but it would be an added bonus if i could play out to dv from the pc.

    i'm confused about a few things:

    AUDIO SAMPLE in the settings viwer, the audio sample row is red, there is an inconsistancy, i cant seem to change the audio sample though, and when i change the rate it has no effect. what should i do to avoid this next time round?

    FRAME RATE i am working with pal dv. should i set the frame rate at 25 or 30?

    FRAME SIZE what frame size should i use? if i use smaller sizes now, can i increase them later during the same project to view/export etc?

    COMPRESSOR i ca only choose microsoft dv i think, is that ok

    TIME BASE how should i set this

    TIME DISPLAY how should i set this

    PIXEL ASPECT RATIO what should this be at?

    thanks for the help, and if you think of anything else i might need to know then great!


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    I do all my editing within the DV specs as this is the same as my source material. I only change this when exporting. So here's my "normal" project settings (note these are all the Pal DV standard) which you can activate by choosing Pal DV in the "new project wizard".

    I think the row goes red when the settings aren't the same accross the board. You'll see that the setting of the actual clip is widescreen as I filmed in "widescreen" by using black lines - so Premiere has set this to a widescreen pixel ratio rather than 1.067. This makes the video looked squashed in the source monitor, but not in the Timeline! The end product is dependant on your export settings.

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    You can ignore my export settings

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