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Thread: DVD-R Plays in some Players, not others? Anyone experience?

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    Default DVD-R Plays in some Players, not others? Anyone experience?

    Hello. I finished a 2 month Project, now I am having DVD Player issues - any of you experienced Pinnacle users please offer your advice?

    I rendered a 73Minute DVD at 88% Quality onto both TDK & Sony DV-R. The Disc(s) (tried several) Play PERFECTLY in every PC DVD Player I have tried them in. They play perfectly in some DVD players, but with some others (not old mind you) they get to a certain point about 75% through and Freeze, or 'Blip' and I am unable to go further into the disc. The problem is I am creating this as a keepsake Family disc for several people/familes so I am not sure what DVD player they will be played on.

    Has anyone experienced this? A lot of postings mentioned not going over an hour in Pinnacle Studio - could that be the cause of the problems? Should I lower the quality on the render? (There is only 33 secs available at 88% quality) This one has me puzzled - The discs seem to be EXTREMELY picky about the player they are played in.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Default some DVD players do not support DVD-R

    I think you have it switched around at the end there: DVD players are picky about whether or not they will play DVD-Rs (or DVD+Rs for that matter). I have seen this with older DVD players. Check the specs for the DVD player you are trying it in. If it supports DVD+-R it should mention it in the specs, otherwise it probably won't work (i.e. it will eventually skip and freeze at some point). I don't think this is an issue with Pinnacle Studio.

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    Hi CP.

    As sharamun has mentioned this is NOT an issue with Pinnacle 9 but rather with the wonderful world of DVD players. I have had similar issues with some of my work and really the only way to get around this is to find out what each persons DVD player allows and burn a disk in either +R or -R to fit their need. There was and is no set format for players so some of the old DVD players will work and some will not. It is a pain that many of us have experienced. I personally burn all mine in -R as it seems to be the most generic of the lot and works 95% of the time.

    Wish you well.

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    Default DVD-R playablility

    I have sent out over 60 separate DVD-R discs (Verbatim printable) throughout the UK and up to now not one person has come back to me with player problems.

    Here is a pretty good list of DVD player compatibility

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    Default player

    I use the new Sony dvd-r with accurcore and have the best success with them. Also for best burns keep your burn speed down to the lowest for the dvd your're using. Never burn at the highest speed, Studio does have an option to change this. Also keep in mind that the Pro DVDs are not burned but pressed or stamped which is why they will play on anything.

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    2 things, burn speed and dye type, diff brands use diff types.

    The best disks there are on the market are "Verbatems dataright" and "ritech"

    Your best bet is to go and buy a 10 pack of ridata DVD-rs and burn at 1x. If you still get errors try burning in another burner if it works then your lense may be dirty.

    Remember that too is an option.... A Dirty Lense can mean a bad burn at times. About ever 4 months i take out my burner open it and clean the lense. 3D Animated Menu\'s Transitions, Backgrounds or just about anything 3d all Animated.

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    Default dvd-r help please

    Will someone please help before I have a nervous breakdown. I have writtren some video to a JVC dvd-r 1-8x disk. Sometimes when I put it in the MV dvd player it plays fine but other times it comes up no disk. More often than not no disk. I have to take it put and put in in and take it out and so on until it eventually will play. The dvd player supports dvd-r as its on the front of the player. Why does it do this? My brother sends me dvd-r's that are write speed 1-4x and they play fine. So after buying 5 dvd+r's that didn't play and 10 dvd-r's 1-8x that work sometimes shoud I go and buy some dvd-r's 1-4x ?? Will these play?

    Please help before I start banging my head on a hard wall !!!!

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