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Thread: Total beginner - my PC doesn't recognise my Sony DCR-PC9E

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    Default Total beginner - my PC doesn't recognise my Sony DCR-PC9E

    I am a total beginner at this, I've just been given a Sony DCR-PC9E and have taken my first ever video. I want to see it on my PC. My sister who gave me the camera says she did this when she got the camera new, so she could edit the video (I want to be able to put it on a disc if poss). She has a Sony PC, I don't. She didn't have any trouble - I have. When I plug the camera in to the PC via the supplied USB cable, the PC doesn't even know its there. Iam using Windows XP. I keep reading about firewires and other technical things, but I just want to know in areally easy to understand way. How do I get it to work? Thanks

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    Hi Kath

    The make of PC is totally irrelevant. What you need to do is go first of check if the computer has a firewire card or socket already fitted. If not, go and buy a Firewire card from your local stockist, fit it and use that. If it has, still go shopping, but this time just for a firewire cable. Both these items are cheap. You may need help to fit a card though if you're not PC literate. Once connected via firewire, the PC will 'see' your camera straight away and using Windows Movie Maker (a standard program within XP) you will be able to 'capture' (record to your PC) and the edit the videos.

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    Thanks for the fast reply, looks like a shopping trip tomorrow! I'll jopefully get it all working in time for Christmas.

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    I've got the exact same camcorder and connect via firewire with great results. The original packaging came with a firewire cable just so you know. Your sister may still have it.

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