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Thread: HELP! Slightly Jerky Capture - 1394B card, Sony DV Handycam

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    Default HELP! Slightly Jerky Capture - 1394B card, Sony DV Handycam


    I am getting ever so slight jerky playback on captured footage. I have a 1394B PCI firewire card here:

    I use a 4-6 pin Firewire lead from my Sony Handycam DV to the PCI card. The jerkyness is hard to notice but hurts your eyes after a while. It becomes really evident though when footage includes panning or a lot of motion.

    Any ideas?

    Is it something it to do with having a B card rather than an A card?
    I also read something about wireless network cards causing slow down from overusing ports, however I've tried disabling it in System/Devices.

    Strangely enough I used to use this camera on a laptop with a Cardbus capture card and it worked fine, however it now gives 'ridiculously' jerky capture on this. It also does this on another laptop that it used to work fine on. This made me think it was the camera. However i now tried a different Sony camera and i get the same problem. I have also eliminated a faulty firewire cable from the equation. Needless to say I AM PULLING MY HAIR OUT OVER THIS ONE.

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    Default de-interlace


    I have tried adding de-interlace when converting to PAL-DVD on both Premiere and Ulead MS. Neither of these fixes anything.

    The original captured avi files are jerky to begin with, you can see that it is jerky before even pressing capture/record... i.e. the capture preview window appears jerky (whether using Sony Capture, Windows Movie Maker or Ulead). The footage looks fine when plugged directly into a Tv.


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    Default more...

    other things I've checked are the hard drive... defragmented, a benchmark test shows my read/write speed is 6 mb/sec, more than required.

    Also tried swopping Firewire card into a different slot

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    Check your cpu usage on capture, sorry if that is too obvious to be any help.

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    Default processor

    processor speed is less than 30%


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    Hi ParkinPants (cool name...huh, huh, huh)

    What is your processor speed, how much memory do you have and is it a laptop or desktop pc you have?

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    Default spec

    Processor - 1.8 ghz
    RAM - 512mb
    XP SP2
    Hard Drives: 7200 rpm, 40GB and 120GB
    PCI Firewire 1394B card
    DELL Dimension 8200 Desktop

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    Default help

    no ideas then?

    I have discovered that as for the laptop that used to work, no videos will play properly anymore, there is a problem with video playback drivers on Win XP in general, this still means that they don't capture properly

    maybe there is a video playback codec virus lurking around

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    Default Re: help

    Quote Originally Posted by parkinpants
    maybe there is a video playback codec virus lurking around
    yes i sometimes code video viruses for a living too

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