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Thread: Is there any way to turn interlacing on in a preview?

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    Default Is there any way to turn interlacing on in a preview?

    Topic title. Basically, while playing games on my laptop through my capture device, I popped in Final Fantasy VII and could instantly see why games look so crappy on the laptop -- there are no scanlines like the way a TV looks. If I could somehow emulate them in some capture software, or just even emulate them on the monitor itself, that would be awesome. Thanks.

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    By scanlines I take it you mean you want to add interlacing? Video is usually de-interlaced to make it look better not worse. I'm sure there is some effect in whatever video editing package you have?

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    I've got Virtual Dub, PVR Plus and WinDVR 3. Are there any others that let you enable interlacing or do you know how to with either of the programs above?

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    Typically, video resolutions from consoles are on the low side. My PS2 hooked up to a Large Widescreen LCD looks truly awful. It's the limitation of playing lowe res on a high res screen. You get around it by playing the game in a smaller window.

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