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Thread: hi there! can anyone help?

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    Default hi there! can anyone help?

    hi, i stumbled across this site whilst trying to find a solution to my problem.thing is, i have been using premier 6.5 for a while and have built up a few projects thinking,sooner or later i will stick them on a dvd and clear up some space on my hard drive aswell as giving my mum the finished holiday video she has been hassling me for.after all how hard can it be?CAN'T DO IT. am i being stupid? do i need extra software? is there some kind of online tutorial?
    i must admit though, i am the sort that doesn't follow instructions that well,i tend to just dive into things and try to figure it out,after all how hard can it be?
    i would be grateful for any help.
    p.s nice site iv'e stuck it in my favourites.

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    You need DVD authoring software to create a DVD playable in a standalone DVD player. Use this as a start
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