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Thread: Help! Why is my DVD freezing?

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    Default Help! Why is my DVD freezing?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a project that I need to finish quickly and started to experience a problem. I'm looking for some advice. The problem is when I play a disc in some DVD players it can not access the last chapter. The first several chapters are fine, but it intermittently freezes on the last chapter. I've tried several different discs all with different content and it's the same problem, always on the last chapter. So far it has failed in 3 different DVD players though we've tried some DVD players where it always works.

    Here's the configuration I'm using:
    Sony 4x DVD writer
    TDK 8x DVD-R
    Premiere Pro w/ Adobe Media Encoder
    Adhesive labels
    Sony RDR-VX515 (is one of the players where it doesn't work)

    The first two chapters play fine, but the video freezes when we push the button for the last title.

    I'm suspecting it might be the labels. But we've been using these labels for 2 years without any problems. We just started using Premiere Pro (upgraded from Premiere 6.5) and got a new DVD player. So I'm not sure how that affects it. Maybe the combination of the three new things?

    Can anybody give us some advice on how to fix this problem? What has been your experience with adhesive labels? Anyone use the print-on discs?

    Any advice will be extremely appreciated. Thanks!!

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    If you suspect it's the lables, the first thing to try might be to test a disc without a label on.

    Although, it seems that a load of Sony DVD players are very fussy about what types of DVDRs they use.

    I use a canon pixma ip3000 printer, that prints directly on to disc, and it works great. Wasn't particularly expensive either.

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    I've noticed recently with a set of Memorex DVD RW discs on a Sony DVD recorder they seem to be sticking when I playback the video. It always happens in the same place so I hope it''s just these discs and not my Sony.

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    I'll add my two pence worth too. Burning DVDs at 4X puts a hell of a load on the DVD laser. It has to run at max output to burn the media adequately. This can cause premature wear out of the laser, particularly in the low cost or older writers. Those lasers, and their optics, don't last forever. Much less so when being run at their max output which they will reach when near the end of the DVD. (The laser output has to increase if the surface speed where it's writing is going up.) So try burning at 2X. This should allow the laser to thoroughly dose the DVD at a lower drive level.

    Or invest in a newer DVD burner. The latest ones use better lasers and optics. I've already had to replace one I bought two years ago. It slowly got worse and worse about writing until it quit entirely. I'm using a Memorex 16/4x dual layer now and it seems to use a constant surface speed method, I can hear the drive slowing as the burn track nears the DVD rim, and no problems.
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