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    Hello, I'm looking for a realy nice camera to film snowboarding videos with to hopefully get some big name sponsors along side the smaller companies i already have. I know they make fairly small cameras that most snowboard films are shot with. they have a profession look, not the home video quality of picture. if you watched the real world last season or the snowboard film "From ____, with Love" you can see the cast of the real world and Jeremy Jones in the snowboard film holding there types of cameras. My question is what type of camera would these be and how much do they usually run for ( in US dollars) and can i get the same type of quality out of a lower end camera?

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    Best camera i found for skateboarding etc was one like the canon xm2 or the sony pd150/170. The best ones are the ones that have a handle on the top as this makes shooting skateboarders and snowboarders a lot easier.
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    Although you could use water proof bullet cams.

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