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Thread: Black Screen Red X before transition

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    Default Black Screen Red X before transition

    Hello, am totally new to editing and am working with Adobe Premiere 6.5. I have a problem when adding transition. after i overlap the two scenes, add the transition of choice. then drag over the top yellow bar to transition and press enter to save the preview. then the preview begins but right before the video hits the transition point the the video black screens with a red x in the middle. any idea how to fix this and also how do i get my footage to save as a video file so i can watch it outside of adobe? thanks for any help in advance

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    erm... I'm not a Premiere user but I think you have to render...

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    You've read the manual, right?

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    no, i have none of the original stuff anymore. i have just been using a friend that has some basic knowledge of the program to help me out so far

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