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Thread: Needing some Help with APP1.5

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    Default Needing some Help with APP1.5

    alright threw my search of the fourm and a talking with a few here, im wondering about something

    i've looked for a topic that would easly tel me how to run two videos
    Simeltanisly horzental of each other

    to form a pnp but more then 25%

    i've toyed around with it for a while but i cant get it to work

    I've got 1.5 and the two videos i need worked by tomarrow

    so any help right now would be amazing

    I want both videos to run at the same time
    one on top of the other

    thanks in advance for any help or links to another topic that might help

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    I don't have PPro in front of me but this is easy enough.

    Drop both clips onto two different layers of video so they run at the same time.

    In the 'effects' pallette, set size to 50% and the Y coordinate or one to 0 and the y coord of the other to half your vertical clip size.

    Voila, one above the other.

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