I'll start with the error. With certain effects (primarily magic bullet) added I sometimes get:
Error: Unknown error compiling movie.

My rendering stops and I have no real clue what could cause it; RAM, bugged effect, etc. any insight with addressing this bug in PPro would be amazing.

Next is exporting. My movies are footage captured right off of my computer so there are no interlacing issues. The vids are already cached on my comp as AVI files. What are some good settings for exporting this type of video? I'm toying around with different options but some options take 19 mins to render 6 mins and others take 5 hours.

I'd like to maintian as much quality as possible without adding setting options that are redundant to my type of video files. Also, these will never be exported to DVD/Video, they are for online viewing only. Cutting this post short it's getting to long. Thanks in advance for any ideas/help.