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Thread: Pulling My Vaio apart

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    Default Pulling My Vaio apart

    OK i have a sony vaio desktop PC

    It has a Geoforce 4Ti 4200 (sony)

    everthing is fine

    but i would like to have 3 displays.

    would anyone reccomend to take out the Geo 4 and put in a Matrox G450 128mb pci with quad vga ???

    or something different.

    i only use this pc for Video editing with Pinnacle 8 and for music too my Ipod.

    Go for it or leave it alone as she working fine is my question really ?

    I have a dual display on my office pc and i cant say how good it is to have dual display on a pc.

    looking for a quad would be far better.

    any sugestions ?

    LOL its my first post folks
    I record and author DVDs for my Impreza Club.

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    Two monitors are generally the "thang" for video editing enthusiasts - either stretching the screen accross the displays (helps if you have two smaller 17" screens) to provide an uncluttered workspace, or using the second to play the video overlay.

    A third option is to get a Matrox card supporting three screens (two DVI/D-sub and an svideo).

    Decisions, decisions...

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