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    Can anyone help me here. I have Ulead Video Studio, DVD Movie factory and Pinnacle 9 yet I cant even begin to make a DVD from my DV footage. I can capture the video (I think), but when I look at it, it is all full of horizontal 'waves', like a concertina pattern. Even stuff that I thought would look OK, looks the same on the DVD when played on the TV. People seem to be having problems with sound, burning etc, but I cant even get the footage into the PC with any degree of quality. Funnily enough, Windows Movie Maker gives a good result, but cant be saved to DVD and when I burned the saved file (on my desktop) to a CD, it wouldnt play on the PC without very bad jerking.

    It should be easier than this I think. Why is it so much easier on a DVD recorder in front of the telly.

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    you should look at Q1 in the faq regarding the lines after capture.

    as for being easier on a dvd recorder in front of the telly that depends on a couple of things.

    If you just want a straight transfer from the tape and the recorder has a firewire input, then yes it's easy. however if you wanted to edit the footage, add titles and so on then it's not the best way. the dvd recorder would take your footage and save it as mpeg2 most probably. If you then take that disc and load that into your editor you'll probably going to lose some quality along the way.

    Best way is to capture to the pc using firewire, edit your footage and then burn to dvd. all your lines will disappear in the render(see the video faq Q1) and the dvd should look fine.

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    Hi Timmy

    The reason why your video is jerky may be because your computer is powerful enough. You need at least 512Mb ram (I would recommend 1Gb) and at least a 2.6 to 3.0Ghz processor plus two hard disks if possible. One for the OS and programs, the other exclusively for video capture and editing. What is the spec of your pc?

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