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    I'm sure this has been asked many times before, I tried searching and couldn't find the information I needed.

    I use adobe premiere 6 and I made a short 10 minute video, the exported avi file was approximately 2 gigs. I am willing to sacrifice quality, I want to compress it down to an mpeg or wmv (preferrably mpeg) so that I can host it for people to see on a website. I've been able to get it down to 100mb but obviously that is not adequate enough. I was able to get it to about 30mb, by then the video was so small that it was garbage. The program I used to encode to an mpeg-2 was IsmTOO Mpeg encoder.

    The ideal screensize I'm looking for is 400x350, and I've seen tons of videos of that size that aren't anywhere near these filesizes I'm getting. Can anybody help out?


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    If you have access to it you could try using Windows Movie Maker to compress your AVI file to WMV Many people on this board have a good success rate going down this route.

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