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My take on the photographer vs videographer is this:

The photographer's normally there to stage manage shots. Even the 'journalistic' style photographer will conduct the guests in one way or other to get the shots the bride and groom want. They're paid to get those seminal shots that everyone expects and they have to boss everyone around to some extent.

On the other hand the videographer is there to film the day. To act as a fly on the wall and produce a documentary of the event. I would see myself as filming what unfolds rather than orchestrating the day, and I always treat the photographer with the greatest respect - their actions on the day can directly or indirectly produce some great visuals.

With that in mind, my personal preference is for the videographer to float around in the background. Generally people can't act; if they see you filming they act differently so my aim is not to be seen!
My aim too! And i'm pretty good at it lol