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Thread: Ulead: Jerky + Blurry panning / motion

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    Default Ulead: Jerky + Blurry panning / motion

    If I watch a clip on my camcorder the panning is quite smooth, I have previously captured and encoded panning shots that I am more than happy with. However recently something has gone wrong on my system somewhere. Playback of the pure avi files is now not as good as previously, I thought this would not be a problem once encoded, however shots with panning becomes jerky, and generally any motion becomes blurry.

    The only things different are that I am now using a (brand new) PCI Firewire card, rather than a PCMCIA slotcard, to capture... I never saw any error messages when I captured the footage using Sony Picture Package. I have also upgraded to Ulead SP3. However I've tried reverting to SP1 and that didn't solve anything.

    I am using Ulead 7 SP3 and import the pure avi files from Sony DV Handycam into a DVD-PAL 16:19 template. I have tried playing around with Frame Based/Field Based encoding but to no avail.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to find the cause of the problem?

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    talking to myself...

    It appears the slight jerkiness is a problem with the capture...

    As for the blur, this is definitely to do with Ulead encoding. Adobe Premiere doesn't do it. I am using the DVD 16:19 template. I have reverted back to SP2 as this problem has only just sprung up. I've tried Lower Field, Upper fiels, Frame Based + Frame Based with auto-deinterlacing,


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