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Thread: Ripping my DVD to the PC, increasing the volume...

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    Default Ripping my DVD to the PC, increasing the volume...

    NOTE:: To get through the story of why I need help...scroll down to the asterisks

    I went to a technical school my senior year for things such as audio/video editing. of my first few chances to utilize my knowledge that I acquired there is coming in the next week.

    Here's my issue...

    My girl's a manager at the local movie theater. Every year they have a christmas'special guests'...and to finish it off, they show whatever holiday themed movie is playing at the time (as, inevitably, there's always someone trying to cash in on the Christmas spirit)

    As with most recent years, however, holiday movies have been lackluster. The movie they were intending on showing this year was "The Family Stone." I don't know if anyone here has seen previews for it, but it looks horrible.

    So, I suggested that she let me mess around with the projectors...see if I could hook my playstation 2 up to the big screens, and they could show (in my opinion) the best christmas movie there is: A Christmas Story.

    I did so last night...and after a bit of trial and error, I got it working. However, I was only able to hook it up through the same procedure that the digital projectors are hooked up (the ones whos sole purpose is to display the advertisements to keep people content prior to movies)

    As most of you know...those ads are, generally, relatively quiet...very easy on the ears. That's all well and good, but for my purposes it's a problem.

    The movie looked great on the screen, and the audio was crystal clear and easy to hear. However, there were only five of us in the theater at the time. When the party takes place, there will probably be upwards of thirty, so things will be louder in the theater.

    Therein lies the problem. The projectionists can only adjust the volume +/- 10 decibals, and I have a feeling that may not be enough.

    So, here is my question (FINALLY)...

    ************************************************** ********************

    Is there any way that I could rip my movie (A Christmas Story) onto my computer...increase the volume...and burn it back onto a DVD-R?

    I have editing software and DVD creation software such as Premiere, Audition, and Encore, but I'm not certain how I could go about doing this.

    The last time I tried to make a DVD, I also had to increase the volume, and the only way i knew how to was to adjust it through Adobe Premiere.

    However, through the rendering process, the files just seemed to multiply for some reason, and took up an unreasonable amount of space that my computer just couldn't handle.

    Any help on this subject would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks a lot fellas.

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