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Thread: the best external mic for under 100 ?

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    fAuLk Guest

    Default the best external mic for under 100 ?

    As the title suggests, I'm after an external mic to fit a camcorder with a standard camera-shoe fitting and a 3.5mm jack. Also, a wind muffler would be required.

    Ive seen this one but was wondering if theres any others?

    Any recommendations would be very much appriciated.


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    What do you want he mic to do? Different mics different jobs. From your example i presume you wnat a all purpose directional mike ?

    Sennheiser make a good one that can be had for just over 100 quid.

    Decnt mikes cost wads of cash, my sony c76 is/was 800 quid new i think and it is soooo much better than this AT short shot gun that was I think 150 ish new.

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    I bought the Rode and am ambivilant about it's performance. The anti-shock system has limited benefits and although I only paid seventy quid ish for it from eBay, I think had I saved and invested a little more i would have been far more satisfied. The Rode has this bass rumble cut switch which doesn't really seem to do alot. I find it picks up alot of background noise. Overall about a 5 out of 10 for that one in my eyes. (or ears).

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    fAuLk Guest

    Default sony mic - ECM_MSD1

    What does anyone think of this mic from Sony?

    I'm debating buying one to replace the cameras internal mic. Which leads me onto the next question I guess...

    Will there be a substantial difference between using the cameras mic and an external mic? Noise from the tape, zoom etc.

    Many thanks.

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