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Thread: capturing Video Game Consoles! very confused!

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    Default capturing Video Game Consoles! very confused!

    Hello everyone.
    I will try to explain my dillema to the best of my ability. Lately I have been editing footage using Adobe Premier 6.5. I would use my Firewire card to import footage from my camcorder.
    I would like to somehow capture footage from my Playstation 2 on my television. This is what I have tried so far: I have set my Camcorders S/av in option to on (in order to capture from outputs) and tried to use that on the output RCA of a TV. I had the PS2 going into the Input. However the camcorder would only pick up and record the footage black and white and very flickery and warped. However on the main menu of the PS2 start up screen it always works fine. So: my main question is, for all you video capture experts out there. What do I need to get the PS2 gaming Footage onto my Camcorder? These are two things I have heard of but never had any specifics. A video card with an Input RCA ect. then there is the issue of software. or a thing called a "capture" card. I have heard about both but to little details. Can anyone tell me a simple way to capture the PS2 footage without breaking the 100$ limit I have? Thank you!

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    Default addition to that....

    One thing I wanted to add to my post. I would prefer that the quality of the recorded playstation 2 scenes isnt degraded much. I want to be able to capture the footage, edit it, and upload it back onto my Mini DV and play it on the TV without much quality loss. I heard there are certain types of capture cards that can do this, but I don't know which one would be good for video game capturing from the PS2 without quality loss. I have heard the same thing about video cards! I just want to know what I should get in order to do what I have explained!.
    thank you

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