Ok in one of the videos I'm making at the moment I have a soundtrack with a chorus of a crowd (many voices, non-choir). I have an idea of what I want to do, please tell me if there's an easier way or if you've done the same thing.

Basically I have/can get blue screen or green screen footage of one person doing the same thing or even slightly different things. My idea is to chroma key (bluescreen would end up overlapping too much.) my subject over and over in a single sequence and scaled/positioned apporpriatly to make it seem like he becomes a crowd, thus adding the multiple voices.

Since he will be the "singer" it will keep a uniform appearence to the overall video. Good idea? Bad idea? Since I'm not at home at the moment I just had to pour this into a forum where I know I'll get some feedback. This will be done through Premiere Pro, but I can muddle through AE if you have some ideas go that direction.

P.S.- The chourus is much like and army on the march singing cadence/gutteral/deep, not whole lines but "harumphs".