I have few questions regarding video editing and I will be very happy if you can help me solve my problems.
I am an inexperience video editting learner. Right now I'm using Ulead Video Studio 7, and Pinnacle Studio 8.5 and i have few poblems. I have Pinnacle PCTV and i use that for capturing analog video and i also have a DV card for capturing videos from Digital Camcorders. My problems are listed below.

1) Sometimes there is a mismatch between audio and video of the movie that i capture. I capture most of my works in VCD format because of lack of disk space for capturing in avi format. This happen only when capturing in the analog video. Can you tell me how to fix this. I am using Athlon XP 1700+ (running win98SE) with 128MB DDR Ram.

2) I want to learn Adobe Premier as i have heard that it is the best video editting software available. But with this software it takes almost the whole night to even render an 1 hour video file. I have heard that if capturing from a DV card it takes less time to render the video file. But the result is the same for me. I am using Premier 6.5 for this purpose. and while selecting the project there is no optoin of chosing Pal VCD so i usually chose Pal DVD for the project settings. Is there a project template for Pal VCD, if yes how do i get it and install it? Will choosing Pal VCD in the project template fasten the rendering time.

3) I think there is some fast way to create a VCD from a DV Cartridge (Cassette) maybe say within 30mins because some local cable operators manage to show edited videos within 1 hour from the end of the function (with transistions and titles etc,,) Is there any hardware or Software that i need to purchase, if there is any, please giveme the details or link from where i can get information.

4) Is there any fast way to create a VCD using pinnacle studio as i'm comfortable using it. My doubt is that even if i caputure it using Pal VCD settings it still renders the whole video when making the VCD file. I thougt it renders the whole movie only if we select a format other than the format in which we capture the video. Isint there any way in which it renders only the cahnged part (like transistions, titles etc..) and skip the part which remains unchanged.

I dont know if my question sounds clumsy but please do help me as i need a fast way to create a VCD from a VHS video and a DV cassette.

Thanking you in anticipation