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Thread: comparison of AVID media composer and premere pro 1.5

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    Default comparison of AVID media composer and premere pro 1.5

    I am comparing these two programs for my university dissertation.

    I am looking at the following areas

    · Defining shape of workspace
    · Custom settings (Ability to change the appearance of the program to suite you)
    · Auto save (How often compared to how often program crashes, ease of recalling last auto save point)
    · Mapping Buttons
    · What happens when you open up each suite? (Does the last project load up automatically or not and is this a good thing?)
    · Use of available screen space.
    · Versatility – How many ways there are to do a certain operation?
    · Comparing projects to CCIR 601 standard function (if available) and the options available in doing this.
    · Colour Correction
    · Auto Help (Program realising what is being done and helping.)
    · Undo function – How useful is it and could it be better?
    · Transitions
    · Compression codecs
    · Effects (Ease of use and quality)
    · Audio – adding EQ, filters and editing audio – ease of use

    I am trying to get together a poster session to show progress for next Friday (16th dec) and would like to know if anyone out there knows of any obvious differences that I can include. I’m not asking for you to do the assignment for me. i need one liners, sentences to bullet point to show progress with my dissertation.

    I have not yet started editing with avid and so cant compare yet. Any help much appreciated.
    i love you 1GB

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    I'd be surprised if anyone on the boards has indepth knowledge of both.

    But university essays about video editing? What fantastic idea! All I got to do was shit like this: (In what senses is Myrdal’s theory of circular and cumulative causation a challenge to static equilibrium theory? What are the mechanisms through which the process of circular and cumulative causation work?)

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    sounds like a nightmare on paper
    i love you 1GB

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    If you sort it out, will you please enlighten us too?

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    i will sort it out. i hve to! its my dissertation.

    got books out and have read a little bit on them but any extra help would be good
    i love you 1GB

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