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    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering, is there a way i can get a transparent thick red bar moving across the screen, ontop of the video while its moving across. Then it stops. How can i do this with several different coloured lines. Then they stop and some keep going, while text is flying along with the bars. If its possible.


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    Default Sounds like a route map type thing

    This thread here discusses an idea close to what you're looking for??? Like drawing a line to show a route on a map??? Hope it helps -
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    Its not a route map, its a thick wall sort of thing. I can make it easily in photoshop vertical transparent going along then stopping.

    And having several of them all going at once and some stop and things.
    So if so then how would i add the transparent thick wall moving on top of another video?

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    The only thing I can think of is using layers in After Effects and animating each of them using keyframes to get your 'walls' to stop and start at set times.

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    Ok i'll look around about AE some time, thanks for the help. The walls are like. Did you see the movie Johnny English? Its just like that. Transparent coloured lines going across the screen with the text zooming with it.


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    Depending on how many 'lines' you need I believe it's entirly do-able in Premiere or AE.

    In premiere you could use the titler and just adjust motion/postion as needed to move each line. Overlapping each as neccesary. There are many in-depth masking features that you can use to have text being and end on a 'bar that moves across a screen or text that lops in this fashion.

    For AE it's much the same but import each still line as a layer and parent them with your text, it can be a little more daunting but once you get used to the functions you'll be using in AE it becomes a snap.

    Since I'm not entirly sure what you're looking for I can only suggest basic things. If you see some footage that mimics what you want or close, pop us a link so we can give you a bit better informed idea.
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